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Ghana boasts a wide selection of international restaurants, particularly in Accra downtown “Osu” and Kumasi, but adventurous visitors might also want to try the dishes served in ubiquitous local ‘chop bars’.

Popular staples include fufu, a pulped gooey ball of crushed cassava or yam that’s most often served submerged in a light soup, and kenkey and banku, both of which are made of fermented maize meal and usually served with tomato based relish.

On more familiar terrain, fried yam sticks are the local equivalent of potato chips (also widely available), spicy beef kebabs, char-grilled chicken, guinea fowl and tilapia are all popular bar staples, while jollof rice is a common spicy dish comprised of rice cooked in a tomato sauce with red meat, fish of chicken.

Music in Ghana

In Ghana, music and dance are part of everyday life and will be heard and seen everywhere.

There are four main types of music heard in Ghana today: Contemporary music, Traditional music, Gospel music and Imported music.


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Ghana Movies/Film


Filmmaking was first introduced to the British colony of Gold Coast (now Ghana). Since the 1950s, filmmaking has increased in popularity in Ghana reaching .