Arts & Crafts in Ghana





Brass Art

Brass Art

Earthen Ware

Earthen Ware Arts

Gold art

Jewelry and Gold Arts

Kente Cloth


Wood Carvings

Woodcarving Arts

African Art

Painting Arts

Ghanaian meals

Ghanaian meals tend to be served in a bowl and are comprised of three parts: A big hunk of a starch placed into the bowl, a soup or stew poured over top of the starch, and large pieces of fish or meat.

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Music in Ghana

In Ghana, music and dance are part of everyday life and will be heard and seen everywhere.

There are four main types of music heard in Ghana today: Contemporary music, Traditional music, Gospel music and Imported music.


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Ghana Movies/Film


Filmmaking was first introduced to the British colony of Gold Coast (now Ghana). Since the 1950s, filmmaking has increased in popularity in Ghana reaching .