Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may draft their Technical and Financial Proposals by themselves or may request Business Advisory/Development Services Providers to do so on their behalf for a fee. Fees charged by BAS/BDS Providers for the development of Technical and Financial Proposals may be included in the grant requests.

Please refer to the Page 6 of this Template for list of Eligible Costs and Activities that could be funded under the SME Grant Programme.

I. Contact & Business Information

Last Name


First Name


Email address




Business Name


Business Address


Business Digital Address


Residential Digital Address


Business website/social media pages


Business type

Sole Proprietorship                                     [  ]                                                              

Limited Liability Company                            [  ]                                                           

Not-for Profit Organization                           [  ]                                                    

Partnership                                                 [  ]                                                                                

Associations                                                [  ]

Business size

i. No. of staff

ii.             Sales/Revenue (2019 & 2020)



Are you registered with the Ghana Tourism Authority    

   Yes   [   ]             No   [   ]

GTA License number


In which of the following Tourism & Hospitality value chains does your business belong?

Select your sub-sector or operational area:


A.    Travel Trade Enterprises – Tour operators, Travel Agents, Car rentals, Tour guides [  ]

B.    Tourist Accommodation Facility Provider – hotels, guest houses, hostels, motels [  ]

C.   Banqueting Facility Provider - event centres, conference facilities [  ]

D.   Food & Beverages – restaurants, chop bars, Fast Food Centres [  ]

E.    Manufacturing of Tourism Artifacts/Crafts [  ]

F.     Fashion – designers, weavers of traditional Ghanaian fashion [  ]

G.   Creative Arts, Music, Film, & Dance [  ]

H.   Sites and Attractions [  ]

I.      Events organizer or Event vendor  [  ]

J.      Other …Please specify ………………………………..


II. Project Details

Title of Proposal

Example: Proposal For Technical Assistance and Support In Market Research, Trend & competition Analysis and the development of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plan towards the acquisition of ISO Certification for ABC Restaurant and Food Services Gh. Ltd.

Project Duration using Grant Funds (in month)

Example: This will be determined after development of a workplan to accompany this technical support proposal. (See sample TOR table or sample Financial Proposal to pick total number of days. Convert into months).


III. Background of the applicant company/Business/Organization & Problem Description

Begin with a brief background information about the business or organization, main product, or services of the applicant, the current challenges, and the proposed technical intervention to address the challenges.

 After brief background, products/services offerings of the applicant, kindly address the genesis of the challenges identified, explaining the problems that need to be addressed, as perceived by the SME Grant Applicant. Applicant may demand the services of a Business Development Services Provider with a specialist know-how in the operational areas needing redress to undertake a needs assessment of the applicant and proffer advice on resolving challenges and/or operational gaps identified. The BDS Provider/Consultant may state their observation(s) of the enterprise, its management, operational and/or financial status or systems and the causes of the problem.


IV. Objectives of the assignment

 The Applicant/BDS Provider is expected to address the overall objective of the project for which the proposal is being prepared.  This should involve a realistic review of the environmental constraints and opportunities, including if necessary, the positioning of the assignments for which grants funds is sought to finance within the framework of the objectives of the Ghana Tourism Development Project.


V. A Summary Terms of Reference

 Please address specifically what the BDS Provider/consultant is expected to do in addressing the challenges of the SME.

 In the technical proposal articulate clearly how the BDS, will address the challenges identified under background and problem description earlier stated and how resolving the challenges via these approaches and methodology is linked to the Project Development Objective (PDO) of the GTDP. For the benefit of doubt, the PDO is to “improve the performance of tourism in targeted destinations in Ghana”.


Sample Terms of Reference:

 The consulting assignment would involve five key Service Providers with each Service Provider undertaking different aspect of his Subject Matter Expertise. The terms of Reference will thus be as follows:

Summary Terms of Reference

Service Provider Responsible

Expected Output/Deliverable


Development of Corporate Website

Akon Consult

URL/Domain name for ABC Restaurant and Food Services Gh. Ltd.

37.5 days

Market Information Research


Questionnaire, Draft Report, Final Report

14.5 days

Capacity Building in Standard Operations Procedure in food preparations and handling for ABC Restaurant and Food Services Gh. Ltd.  

Food Clinic and Handling Consult

Training Report

25 days

Development of HACCP Plan

Niki Consult.


20 days

Investment and advisory services and Raising of US$2M for ABC Restaurant and Food Services Gh. Ltd.

The Treasurers Consulting Ltd.

Fully executed Term Sheet

20 days


VI. Approach and methodology

 For any Technical Assistance Activities, describe in detail the activities to be undertaken under the proposed assignment with detailed work plan describing who is to do what, within what timeframe (person-days) and sequenced in a work schedule. The work schedule will also describe the time the assignment will take to be completed and the various milestones of completion that can be monitored by the Implementers of the SME Grant Programme. Also, please explain the status of the project: is it a new project or a new phase of an ongoing project? List and describe the specific steps you will take to meet your objective(s). [See page 6 for those activities which are eligible for funding by the Ghana Tourism Development Project as a guide].


VII. Expected Output/Deliverables

 State in what form the consulting work output or deliverables for the assignment will be. Deliverables may take the form of any or a combination of the underlisted. For example:

  • Interim and progress reports
  • Final Assignment Report, and/or
  • Workshops or training programmes reports and photos/videos
  • ISO Certification
  • HACCP Plan
  • Fully executed Term sheets/investment contract between SME and financier/Financial Institution
  • Et cetera

VIII. Expected impact of consulting assignment

 These must be measurable, e.g. Increase in revenue by X% by a certain time in the near future (usually within 6 to 18 months upon completion of the assignment), increase in new markets, increase in employee size or increase in exports (where applicable) by Y% within a projected timeframe, decrease in overhead expenses, enhanced skills to respond to market needs, comfort to consumers and international tourists due to the successful installation of a HACCP Plan, or acquisition of an ISO Certification, or meeting any other regulatory requirements, and to improve visitors experience and satisfaction, etc. The objectives of the assignment will determine what area of impact to discuss.

IX. Sustainability: What characteristics of your project will ensure that it is sustainable? How will your project continue beyond the phase funded by the Ghana Tourism Development Project?

X. Profile of Consultants/BDS Providers: Under this portion provide a brief profile of all the consultants/BDS Providers to undertake the assignment for the client. State precisely what role and tasks will be carried out by each profiled Consultant/BDS Provider.

Financial proposal

Cost all the Business Development Services (BDS) to be rendered to your business in the financial proposal template in MS Excel as in the table below. This must correspond with the work schedule, proposed expertise, etc and captured and submit in MS Excel.

Activity/Item to be Procured

BDS Provider



Rate/day (GHS)

Cost (GHS)







Develop and test the market potential of a promising product, service, or technology – state specific name of the product, service, or technology

Akosua Doe

BDS Provider in marketing research in the tourism industry




Develop a HACCP plan for ABC Ltd.

List each cost item in the development process

Yaw Adam

Food Hygiene expert




 Assist the lead Food Hygiene consultant

John Sey

Food Hygiene expert










Deliver Training

Akosua Doe






John Sey












Expert name





Attract commercial investment through investor introductions, matchmaking, and investment advisory services

Yaw Kwakwa

BDS provider – Financial services expert




Development of Technical & Financial Proposal for submission to the GTDP

Yaw Kwakwa

BDS Provider




Purchase of Generator






Purchase of Cold Storage Equipment






Installation of Cold Storage Equipment






Development of Technical and Financial Proposal






Total Project Cost






Grant Amount requested (90%)







Instructions: The following documents are expected to be submitted:


  1. SMEs may either apply for direct grants to acquire capital expenditure items or for Technical Assistance services from BDS Providers, or a combination of capital expenditure grant requests and Technical Assistance grant requests as shown in the above table.
  2. The Technical Proposal must not exceed five (5) pages, - Each portion of the Technical proposal must flow neatly with the earlier sections and be coherent, comprehensive, clear, and easy to comprehend.
  3. The CVs of BDS Providers/experts to undertake the assignments – this must be the CVs of only those profiled as articulated under ‘X’ above of this guidance/template.
  4. A Financial Proposal in MS Excel must be submitted – The activities captured in the Terms of Reference table must weave neatly into the Financial Proposal.


Eligible Costs/Activities

•       Costs of TA for testing market potential of a promising product, service, or technology

•       Grants for Equipment purchase and/or working capital to undertake expansion of existing product or service to cater to a larger market/visitors

•       Cost of Technical Advisory Services for Commercial investment attraction activities

•       Funding to undertake research and analytics on markets, competitors, and sector trends.

•       Funding to undertake export promotion programmes for Ghanaian cultural products;

•       Support for Marketing of products, or a service;

•       Support tourism and hospitality related nationwide networking events, forums, and conferences.

Ceilings & Co-Funding Requirements

·         Matching grants for qualified SMEs: 90% contribution to project costs will be provided to firms, up to a maximum of US$32,000.00 (Ghana Cedis equivalent);

·         The 10% Co-investment or matching contribution of Applicants may either be in cash or in kind.



Technical and Financial Proposals and all documents should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click on link: to download the template. 

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