Small, Medium and Large Enterprises/Corporates may draft their Technical and Financial Proposals by themselves or may request Business Advisory/Development Services Providers to do so on their behalf for a fee. Fees charged by BAS/BDS Providers for the development of Technical and Financial Proposals may be included in the grant requests.

Please refer to the Page 3 of this Template for list of Eligible Costs and Activities that could be funded under the Site Upgrade Grant Programme.

Technical Proposal must follow the guidelines in the table below:


Application Questionnaire


·         Name of applicant

·         Phone number and email address

·         Location address


·         What is the name of business?

·         State the Mission and Vision

·         Provide the address and phone number of the business

·         Provide the physical location of the business

·         Who are the owners of the business and what is the shareholding structure?

·         How many full-time employees does the business have (male / female)?

·         How many part-time /casual employees does the business have (male /female)

·         Who are the beneficiaries (direct and indirect) of the business eg community, youth etc

·         Website & social media pages

Product / Service

·         What are the business’ products / services?

·         What problem is the business solving / What opportunity is the business taking advantage of?

·         Who are the customers of the products/services?

Technical and Financial Capacity

·         Does the business have the capacity to match the grant (where applicable)?

·         Does the business have an active financial management process/system in place?


·         Estimated market size for the product / service

·         How much of the estimated size is expected to be captured?

·         Who are the business’ key competitors

Risks and Mitigation measures

·         What are the identified risks to the proposed project and how does the business intend to mitigate the risks?

Business performance

·         How much revenue was generated in the last 2 years and what was the cost as a percentage of the revenue (for each year)?

·         How many visitors have you had in the last 2 years or anticipate to have in the next one year?

·         How much revenue was generated, and cost incurred in the previous quarter?

Revenue generation

·         What is your sales approach for generating revenue? Leasing/ pay as you go etc

·         Financial projections (for 2 years) 

·         What are the key assumptions for the projection

Funding Requirement

·         How much funding is required? – Breakdown costs in Microsoft Excel.

·         How do you intend using the funds?

·         What results do you expect to achieve from completing the project?

·         How will these results be tracked?


·         What positive impact will the proposed project have?

  •        Social
  •        Environmental
  •        Economic

·         What negative impact will the proposed project have and how do you plan to mitigate against these?

  •        SociaL
  •        Environmental
  •        Economic










Eligible Costs/Activities

•       Matching Grants to undertake Civil works

•       Matching Grants to undertake Small works such as quality upgrades (e.g. landscaping, site zoning, sanitation improvement, signage, lightning, pavements, etc).

•       Procurement of tourism related capital Expenditure items.

•       Funding research and analytics on markets, competitors, and sector trends.

Ceilings & Co-Funding Requirements

·         Matching grants for qualified SMEs: 90% contribution to project costs will be provided to firms, up to a maximum of US$300,000.00 (Ghana Cedis equivalent);

·         The 10% Co-investment or matching contribution of Applicants may either be in cash or in kind.



Technical and Financial Proposals and all documents should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click on link: to download the template. 


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