CONCEPT NOTE “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”


The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) sets aside September 27 every year to celebrate Tourism Day to herald the soci0-economic, political, and cultural importance of the Sector to national and international economies through Gross Domestic Product growth, jobs, and employment creation. The official “International” World Tourism Day is held in a WTO-designated country with participation from the rest of the world. This year’s (2021) Day will be held in Cote d'Ivoire in Africa under the theme, “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” to essentially highlight a participatory approach to creating and sharing tourism wealth for poverty reduction, decency in living standards, and livelihoods security.

As the United Nations specialised agency responsible for sustainable tourism, the UNWTO is guiding the global sector toward inclusive recovery and growth as well as ensuring appropriate governance among communities, minorities, and the youth. The UNWTO, therefore, invites its Member States and Affiliates to celebrate tourism’s unique ability to ensure nobody is left behind as the world begins to open again and looks to the future.

2. THEME SIGNIFICANCE – “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”
The theme is linked to Outcome 4 and 5 of Governments’ Programme of Action that seeks to create decent employment through inclusive economic growth, and a skilled and vibrant workforce to support an inclusive growth path. This time around, the Day creates an opportunity for the global Tourism community to look beyond Tourism Statistics and acknowledges that, behind every number, there is a person.

Ministry Overview

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture was renamed in 2017 through Executive Instrument E.I28 Civil Service (Ministries) Instrument, 2017 by His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo to replace the then Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. The Ministry’s policy directive is to provide a firm, stable policy environment for effective mainstreaming of Ghanaian arts and culture into all aspects of national life. This it is believed will help in ensuring the emergence of a strong, vibrant and creative environment that would help improve and advance the Tourism, Arts and Culture industry in Ghana.

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